What a Wedding

So my husband and I literally just got back from a wedding and I immediately wanted to get on here and rave about how wonderful the entire day was! The beautiful bride was one of my cousins, Anna, who decided she wanted to come down from Washington, DC to hunt for Greenville wedding venues. How about that?!

As I’m now the “Greenville representative” in the family, I happily felt a certain amount of pressure to help her find just the right spot. We searched all over the area; there wasn’t a corner of the upstate we didn’t hit. And finally, we came across exactly what she was looking for!

Here were some of the items on her list: She wanted…

  • The wedding to be held outdoors
  • To be shaded and have some sort of coverage, just in case of any less than ideal weather (be it rain or heat)
  • The area the ceremony was held to be different from the reception area, but she also didn’t want to have to leave the venue
  • The venue to have their own catering service (I wish I’d had this on my list while planning our wedding- made things so much easier!)

This seemed simple enough until we actually got to looking. But a beautiful local venue, Twigs, finally came through! We knew Twigs¬†Tempietto was the right fit as soon as we saw it. From the gorgeous gazebo where the ceremony was held to the patio under a large tent for the reception, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. They did have their own chef and self-catering service which really did take a great weight off during the planning process. And it was delicious, to boot!


The wedding started in the late afternoon, and was the most perfect temperature! Having the coverage for both the ceremony and reception really helped. Plus, just having it there as a back-up allowed us to ease up on our weather watch over the last month.

Anna was the most graceful and eloquent bride. She strutted down the isle like she owned it, though she swears it was her first… and last… time. And the entire ceremony was short, sweet and heart-felt. Everything went so smoothly and we carried on from the ceremony to the dinner and reception with ease. I really can’t say there was even as much as a hiccup throughout the whole day! Pressure off… Thank you, Twigs! We hope to be back soon. And Anna, we send you and James our love!