Great HVAC Repair Company in Greenville

Wow, what crazy weather we are having lately! I wonder if my fellow Greenvillians are just as sick of this winter as I. I do not have the attire to handle walking around downtown much lately, it’s been quite a drag.

So, with this extreme cold (yes every day with the high below freezing is extreme for the Upstate) my heat pump wasn’t able to keep up, whatsoever. I leave the thermostat on 68, but the best my furnace could muster on most days was a frigid 63. Five degrees might not sound like much, but when your feet hit the cold floor first thing in the morning, the difference is cavernous.

I found a local hvac repair company, Greenville Heating and Air and decided to give them a try for a free quote for a fix. They came out quickly and found a few simple fixes to get my Goodman system up to spec and warming the house like it should. I was surprised my bill was only the standard service call, and no extra fees. Quite refreshing for a service type business to be this forthright and economical, so I felt obliged to make this post so others might find them.

If you need heat/air/hvac repair in Greenville, these guys rock!

A couple things they told me to check regularly, which was news to me:

1) Check your filters regularly and replace when dirty. This may sound like common sense to you, but I’ve grown accustomed to apartment life until I got this house, so it’s not necessarily common knowledge.

2) If you see ice/frost buildup on your unit, or the lines going to it, get it checked out, as this isn’t normal. I thought it looked like business as usual, but it ain’t. This can mean your system needs freon or refrigerant check.

3) Watch your utility bill. When things start costing more than usual, that’s probably a good time to get your system checked out.

I as a bit embarrassed at the condition of my filters. The hvac technician didn’t have my size on hand, so I just ran to the home depot while he was checking the system over and grabbed some new ones. The freon was a bit low, so we might have to find a leak if it happens again. I did notice a 20% or so increase in my power bill, so hopefully these fixes will mitigate the problem.

Now, come on springtime! I don’t care what Punxsutawney Phil says…