Great Greenville Restaurant

Now that my husband and I know the Greenville area pretty well, particularly downtown as we’re close by, we have a handful of restaurants where we’re known by name. There’s one in particular I’ll be introducing you to today which is nowhere near downtown. But boy, it’s worth the drive!

The Lost Cajun, (off of the Pelham Rd exit from I-85- about a 20 minute drive from downtown), is not only one of our favorite restaurants in Greenville but also one of the best Cajun restaurants we’ve been to outside of Louisiana.

Everything on the menu is delicious. I know this because I’ve tried everything! Now, you may be thinking, “Wow, she really is a regular!” …Which I am. But you don’t have to be in order to get a taste of all their food. This is because you’re brought a sample platter with 6 of their most popular items as soon as you sit down. This was an amazing surprise our first visit. And an even better surprise when they brought it to us again several visits later, knowing we’d already had it before!

The sample plate

Their menu is very well-priced, giving you an option of [large] cup or [large] bowl for everything but their po’ boys. Which are also true to Louisiana!

As good as everything is, (my favorite is the red beans and rice– how is something so simple SO flavorful?!) we’re always sure to save room for desert: Beignets and chicory cafe au lait. For those of you who don’t know, a beignet is a typical Louisiana desert that is much like funnel cake; fried dough covered with powdered sugar. Yum! Always good service and always a good time.

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If you’re in the mood for some good, authentic Cajun food in Greenville, The Lost Cajun is definitely a place to try. (Tell our favorite waiter, Joe, I say hello)!