When a Tree Falls…


So as some of you know, we’re now moving ALL the way across the city, from the suburbs to downtown Greenville. This is a very exciting time for the whole family as we’re ready to be near all the action. Of course, it’s also a very stressful time too.

As if finding the right home wasn’t hard enough, we then were having trouble with selling our home. With Greenville on the rise, we figured there would be tons of families looking to move in and settle down into a quiet neighborhood where the kids could roam freely.

Well, we fixed the inside of the house all up and officially put it up on the market. Because of the wonderful neighborhood we lived in and the school zones where we were located, we decided to put it up for Sale by Owner. We really thought it would be smooth sailing.

And we continued thinking this for several months, staying optimistic throughout the entire summer until school was finally in session. Then we began to worry, thinking all of the families moving to the area would have already moved in by now. There were plenty of people who contacted us for walk-throughs, but we had very few return for a second showing and only one person put a [laughable] offer on the house. At this point, we were discouraged and a little concerned that perhaps we had underestimated the market.

Just when we were about to throw in the towel and hire a realtor to give us the help we apparently needed, a co-worker suggested that we call a tree service company. The home we lived in is surrounded by a multitude of evergreen and cherry blossom trees. The cherry tree is directly in front of the house and had the most elegant cherry blossoms that bloom a lovely light pink every spring. All of the trees are gorgeous, and have always been one of my favorite parts of the house. However, I failed to consider the fact that it may not be so appealing to others.


When looking for a company who does tree trimming in Greenville, SC, I stumbled upon Tree Service Greenville. After reviewing several other sites and companies, I decided to go with this one and I’m very glad I did. Tree Service Greenville were absolute experts and knew exactly what to do as soon as they came out. After a thorough examination of the trees surrounding the house and taking a good look at the additional landscape, they gave us their suggestions and quote.

The company really did a great job in working with me to get exactly what I though the house needed. I wanted to make sure the healthy trees would be cut back but would also stay in tact and they assured me that’s exactly what they always strive to do.

When it was all said and done, only a few trees had to be removed, (turns out they were dead and beginning to rot), and the rest were trimmed in the most beautiful fashion. They did an especially good job on my cherry tree which was still very full but better showcased the house.

Once we got all of this squared away, we decided to keep the house on the market ourselves for one more month. Amazingly enough, after only one week, it sold! We can’t be more grateful for the wonderful service provided by Tree Service Greenville. We’ll certainly be using them again and continue recommending them to anyone in tree service need.

Greenville Auto Glass Service

It’s not very often that I have only positive things to say about a car service company. Growing up, cars were my father’s “other babies.” He showed me enough of the ropes for me to know what a real good maintenance/service job looks like and how to spot scam artists, (which are all too prevalent in the car business).

Because of this upbringing, I’ve always been very picky about who I allow to touch my cars. And even after doing my thorough research, I still often come out of the experience either disappointed in some way or feeling like I’m trying to be manipulated.

So I’m very happy to be able to review a company I just came across who was, in my books, nothing below excellent.

When I wound up with a crack in my windshield, (which has always been a pet peeve of mine), I initially tried to fix it myself in hopes of avoiding the additional hassle. Oops… Turns out my thinking was a bit skewed.

The “DIY repair kit” I purchased for the job not only didn’t fix the problem, but the adhesive wound up sticking to the glass and left a horrible residue on the windshield. It was all but impossible to get off, especially once it got into the crack on the windshield itself.

Photo credit: windshielddoctor.net

Fed up, I went ahead and started doing my “master ninja” car repair shop research. I knew better than to use a mechanic for windshield problems, so I was looking specifically for a qualified auto glass Greenville specialist when I stumbled upon 20/20 Auto Glass. Their below mentioned guarantee was my first hint they knew what they were doing:

“If we repair a chip in your windshield and you’re not happy with it for any reason, we’ll apply the cost of the chip repair toward a new windshield… or refund your insurance company for the repair and replace the windshield instead with no cost to you (with approved insurance).”

Anyone who is willing to work with you to guarantee your money is safe likely knows what they’re doing; they don’t want to lose out either! So after a little more extensive research, I decided to give them a shot. And from what I experienced, I’m glad I did. Everything from the customer service to the workmanship met my rather high standards. I’ll definitely be using them again, and recommending them to anyone in need of an auto glass specialist in Greenville.

Top Notch Flooring Company Downtown

There is an awesome flooring company located downtown. The guys over at Flooring Greenville SC are top notch, and provide excellent customer service. To get ideas on some new flooring, I didn’t have to go to their office. They brought samples straight over to my house, and I was able to see the colors and textures of different types, to see which looked best in my home.

I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m not sure if I want to go all hardwood flooring throughout, or if I want some tile in the kitchen, dining and bathrooms. Maybe some carpet in the bonus/theater room.

Having the different samples brought right to me is much better than visiting a showroom with fluorescent lighting which is totally different. Having an expert talk about the differences in materials and grades, and how they can impact my install and finished look was also a great benefit.

I’m looking forward to making a selection, and will update here once the job is done and share my full experience. In the meantime, be sure to look these guys up if you are in the marketing for new flooring.