Local Cafe and Grocery

If you’re in Greenville and haven’t experienced the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery, you’re missing out! This place has a little bit of everything. It’s a convenient 5 minutes drive from downtown, and is also located right off of the swamp rabbit trail, making it a perfect stopping point for those biking or strolling by.

Photo credit: Holly Diller; collegianonline.com

The cafe menu itself offers a simple selection of breakfast sandwiches, perfectly baked pastries and breads. They also have fresh sandwiches and seasonal soups for the lunch crowd. You can either order one of their delicious specialty coffees or grab a beverage from the coolers lining the back wall. I always recommend browsing around the grocery prior to ordering. They offer such a wide variety of delicious and healthy treats and drinks, you never know what you’ll find. They also carry a vast assortment of all-natural and local products; everything from kitchen spices to skin care products. It’s tough to leave empty handed.

If you’re there on a nice day, there are several picnic benches outside where you can sit under a canopy and enjoy your food in the fresh air. And if you’re alone, there’s even a small cabinet filled with books nearby. You can either borrow a book while you eat or bring a book you no longer want and swap it out for a new one. What a brilliant idea!

Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery also hosts several events throughout the year. During the warmer months, there may be several food trucks swarmed with hungry locals outside. This allows everyone to experience a variety of foods from the surrounding area. On other occasions, they hold craft fairs and markets where you will find local artisans selling beautiful and unique goods.

Photo credit: http://www.swamprabbitcafe.com
During the colder months, you’ll find anything from Mardi Gras Festivals with live jazz bands and gumbo to classes on Spring gardening. Regardless of when you go, you’ll always find something new and exciting going on. What a great way to get involved with the community!

Awesome Tacos at Gringo’s Cantina

gringosJust a block off of South Main on Camperdown way, a hop, skip and a jump from the liberty bridge is Gringos Cantina. The tacos here are delicious, and there quite a few different styles and makes to choose from.

Excellent chips and salsa, and my favorite tacos so far are the flat iron bbq (pork) tacos with slaw. The baha fish tacos were a close second, but didn’t match my love for the bbq. Order them mix and match and try different ones.

And don’t miss Taco Tuesday! All tacos are $2.50 each. The place gets busy so get there early and enjoy!

Gringos on Google Maps

Yap, Fusion of Malaysian and American Cuisine

A relatively new restaurant in downtown Greenville, Yap is a must try. Cozy and laid back atmosphere with cool decor and friendly servers, Yap has an unique and interesting menu. From regular asian dishes such as pad thai, to really neat and different options like kuala lumpur ribs, all of the options we have sampled so far have been well received. Our current faves are the succulent slab of salmon when available in the bento box, and thai fish tacos for lunch.

Yap is on Main Street downtown, just a couple doors South of Washington Street, on the west side of the street. Check ’em out, you’ll be glad you did.